• We create engaging
    web & mobile experiences.

  • We solve the
    gnarliest of problems.

  • We facilitate incredible
    digital transformations.

  • We plan accurate
    data-driven experiences.

  • We’ll help you
    grow your business.

  • We create & support
    exciting products.

  • We develop captivating
    software experiences.

Do your best!

We make your work life easier.

Experience design (XD) and digital transformation (DX) can mean a lot of different things depending on who you ask. But at Brightly, these terms are so laser-focused that we can quickly break them down like this:

We use the most reliable technology and insights of XD and DX to make the digital components of your business completely functional, friendlier to use, and a heck of a lot easier on the eyes.

Sometimes this even means taking your entire toolkit and streamlining it down to one piece of software, saving you, your staff, and your customers unnecessary stress. Imagine that for a moment. By turning your complex business challenges into elegant, simple software, we save you the one invaluable resource that isn’t renewable: TIME.

Text representation of XD / DX

We are an experience design (XD) and digital transformation (DX) company in Michigan.

Business solutions

No business, no matter the industry, can operate without solutions. We specialize in B2B e-commerce, B2C e-commerce, customer experience design, mobile apps, interfaces, dashboards, process mapping, custom software and integrations, and total digital transformation.

Product Development

We’ll work alongside you from the ground up on product design and development by starting with ideas and strategy. We then plan, design, and build customized solutions and software to meet your specific needs. Our product passion lies in SaaS solutions, digital products, hybrid software and hardware solutions, AR, VR, Industry 4.0, and data-driven projects.

Team as a Service

We believe that the best work happens when all hands are on deck. Maybe you already have an internal team or a product that can tackle the work, but by leaning into us, you get there far faster. You also get exposure to ideas outside of your industry, direct and unbiased input, and support when you need it. And the best part is that you don’t have to hire a bunch of new employees to make it happen. Putting our team to work for you means that you make significant strides while saving time and protecting your bottom line.

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Digital experiences for real people.

We dig deep and we move fast. Our first step with any new project is all about discovery and taking the time to get to know you and your business. We understand that companies don’t mean much at all without the individuals who work daily to run them, and the customers that keep them afloat. By learning about the people, the products (or services), and the goals of your business, we’re able to create a plan that not only aligns with your vision but also ignites excitement, fosters trust, and promotes growth for everyone involved. Whether it’s a seasoned employee, a potential new customer or an esteemed investor, we’ll make their experience with your website, app, or software engaging, efficient, and effective.

Because people are at the core of what we do, we also hire the best in the business. Our teams consist of experienced designers, developers, business analysts, researchers, and content strategists who all work together to bring your vision to life. We keep our teams small so that we can offer you the best and we guarantee that each person you work with from our staff has the years, skills, and knowledge to back their expertise. This means that, with us, what you see is what you get; no surprises along the way.

Data drives every big decision we make. That’s why our planning is based on numbers, facts, and user-testing. We collect and analyze the information that is most relevant to your project and we use it to build a solid foundation. When you work with us, you’ll quickly see how we combine data and experience to guide your team through a project process designed to minimize risk and maximize success.